Events and Schedules

Live results will be found on Cubecomps.

Time schedule Saturday

Time schedule Sunday


Note: Swedish contestants placing top three also in the overall podium will get both prizes.

Swedish Podiums (top three w Swedish nationality)

  • Gold, silver and bronze medals
  • Giftcards from Cuboss:
    3x3x3/2x2x2/4x4x4: 200/150/100 SEK
    All other events: 150/100/50 SEK
  • 3x3x3 winner: Cup

Female solvers in 3x3x3 have additional prizes

  • Giftcards from Cuboss:
    150/100/50 SEK (top three)
  • Best solver also gets a Moyu GTS from The Cubicle

Overall Podiums (independant of nationality)

  • Standard Cubecomps diplomas
  • Giftcards from The Cubicle: 
    3x3x3: 35/25/15 USD
    All other events: 10/7/5 USD

SpeedStacks Pro Timer G4 will be used at the competition.

Prepare yourself! 

Speed Stacks Sweden are offering a 15% discount on a complete set of G4 Pro Timer och G4 Pro Cubing mat - go to the homepage to find out more!

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